Kirsten Lynn

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That I was blessed with an active imagination has never been under debate. As a child I loved making up stories and acting out adventures at my grandparents’ farm. According to my parents I even made up and acted out commercials for products in the grocery store as they shopped. But writing a book? No. Writing was for authors…magical and mystical people who could knit words together like a woolen scarf warming the insides. And many words…like 300 pages full of words. No, I was thrilled just to have my imagination stretched by the wonderful books created by others.

Then in college a friend introduced me to the Romance genre…an amazing friend indeed!  I was hooked on such a noble genre blending history and romance! I could scarcely take it in!  The summer of my freshman year, I tried (and I cannot express the word tried enough) to write a Western romance.  I can only be grateful lynching is no longer an option in Wyoming, and the characters were imaginary as I’m sure I would have been the guest of honor at a necktie party for that effort. 

So, for the next few years I concentrated my efforts on getting a BA in History and a MA in Naval Warfare.  I got a job in the DC area working for a non-profit supporting the Navy’s museums. While there, I was inspired by a friends writing journey to try again. After college and graduate school, writing hundreds of pages didn’t seem as daunting. When I sat down to write my thoughts instantly turned to the West. To the people and places that while thousands of miles away still shaped who I am and inspired my imagination. And I’ve never looked back. I can’t imagine a day without writing and wonder how I lived so long not putting fingers to keyboard and turning the people in my mind loose on the page. 

After six years in the DC area, I had enough of the big city and returned home to Wyoming. Centered in the communities in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains, I write stories based on the people and history of this area that holds my heart.  When I’m not roping, riding and rabblerousing with the cowboys and cowgirls (and a few Sailors and Marines) who have taken up residence in my endless imagination, I have the honor of helping to preserve the history of Wyoming managing the artifact collection of a local museum.  

I am truly blessed to be living in and writing about the Wild West! 

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