Linda Hubalek

Linda Hubalek grew up on the Kansas prairie, always wanting to be a farmer like her parents and ancestors.

Linda majored in agriculture in college, and was just featured in Country Woman Magazine about her wildflower business when her husband's job transferred them to California. She then started writing about the Kansas prairie she was homesick for and started her writing career.

Her first book, Butter in the Well, written as diary entries, is about the Swedish immigrant that homesteaded her family farm. Readers wanted to know what happened to the family, so she continued the story with Prairie Bloomin’, Egg Gravy (a pioneer cookbook), and Looking Back.

Linda’s next historical fiction series features pioneer women as they experience the Civil War firsthand. Trail of Thread, Thimble of Soil, and Stitch of Courage, written in the form of letters, has a quilt theme because of a quilt handed down in Linda Hubalek's family.

Planting Dreams, Cultivating Hope, and Harvesting Faith tells her Swedish ancestor's story that changed their family history forever when they homesteaded on the unforgiving Kansas prairie.

Currently Linda is working on her new Kansas Quilter series, and the first book, Tying the Knot is now available. The other books in the series will be Patching Home and Piecing Memories.

These books are published by Butterfield Books Inc.  and available through all major book sellers in printed paperback, ebook and audio book formats.

Linda’s western romance story, The Perfect Homestead Bride is included in the anthology book Lassoing a Groom, published by Prairie Rose Publications.

Linda’s next series is a western romance set in the 1870’s Kansas cowtown era.

Linda and her husband finally returned back to Kansas in 1996, where they raised American buffalo (bison) for a dozen years. She continues to research and write about pioneer women that made Kansas their home.


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